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But Wait...

   Please, before you contact me, let me take a moment to clarify a few points:

  The ACE is a low production (or "bespoke" as the British say) vehicle unlike almost anything on the road. The chassis, suspension and main components are produced in small batches. Working almost entirely alone, I finish out each car for a particular buyer. For that reason, there is scarcely a comparison, by price or any other measure, to higher production offerings. I put a great deal of myself not only into the design, but also into each ACE I build. I finish out each ACE as if it were my own. This is more a journey of self-fulfillment than a profit making venture. Over time, I hope to recoup some of the costs in bringing this project forward while allowing a few enthusiasts the unique experience of owning  and driving an ACE.

  The ACE will require a donor motorcycle to be harvested for its drivetrain and a few other needed components. The large share of responsibility will fall on the buyer to provide these items. I have a partner motorcycle shop nearby that may assist in disassembling the customer’s bike or even locating a suitable donor.

  At this stage of my career, I value my privacy highly and hope to deal with only serious email inquiries and few, if any, phone calls. There are no brochures to mail.


Pete Larsen
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